Integration of Datta-able in a npm environnement

Datta Able Bootstrap Admin Template Datta Able Bootstrap Admin Template November 08, 2019
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Coded Themes Support Agent
3 days ago

Sir, we have npm compatible code. We will soon send you the process.

Now we are on vacation time. So technical query not possible to resolve.

Thomas Benigni
4 days ago


I'm a french full-stack developer, working on symfony projects. Recently we bought the Datta-Able bootstrap admin template, to create a backoffice.

And we liked it ! Clean class, clean layout, nice skin, good integration of libraries, etc. But in our projects, we're using npm.js to manage all front related dependencies : Jquery / datatable / moment.js / font-awesome / ...

Like composer for PHP libs, npm is really powerfull to keep fresh all dependencies and manage possible conflicts between them. Then were using webpack.js (throught the symfony bundle webpack.encore), to compile all js / css / fonts / images.

So my question : Do you planned to integrate datta-able on a dependency manager (npm / yarn) ? Because today we can't have dependencies up to date in a simple way, we have to download it and treat it as it was our own code, but is not.

Thank you for reading,

GaƩtan H.

Npm :

Webpack.js :

Webpack Encore :