G General January 11, 2021
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Leo Nardo
6 days ago

I'm using Datta Able HTML.

For some reason the attached images didn't load here, so here are the links:

What I want to remove: https://i.imgur.com/eLrITTX.png

the issue:




Leo Nardo
6 days ago

Hello there!

I have a Datta Able license, purchased a year ago.

I would like to remove the following HTML tags, which by default are on the template's sample page, but are not useful to me:/

But when I remove the main-friend-cont OR main-chat-cont classes, this error comes up.

In practice, this is what happens on my screen: navigation is out of place and the loading bar keeps running.


I tried to remove PerfectScrollbar from pcoded.min.js, the error message disappears, but the navigation bar is still messy. I would like a solution.

Thanks in advance!