Figma question rewarding template

G General April 28, 2022
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Coded Themes Support Agent
7 months ago


First, Figma will be the same for all the licenses.

Secondly, you will receive all the components and files that has been used in figma. Full access, nothing hidden.

Feel free to reach out again if needed.



Aylin Leonor Mendoza Linz
7 months ago

Hi, we are planning to purchase your template "Berry - React Material Admin Dashboard Template", but we have some doubts rewarding the Figma document, since there is not too many information about it.

We would like to know which types of components does the document has, and if there is a difference between the standard and extension license that can affect how many components we would receive with the document?

Additional Info

Name of Product/template: Berry - React Material Admin Dashboard Template