Navigation items not pointing to url

G General July 10, 2022
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Coded Themes Support Agent
7 months ago

Closing ticket as there is no response from the user.

Feel free to reopen if needed further help.

Have a nice day!.


Coded Themes Support Agent
8 months ago


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Amit Gorasiya
8 months ago

Hello, Jigar Patel.

   - First Check you import styles for simplebar or not?

import 'simplebar/src/simplebar.css';

  - If you already import above style, thene check your package.json with module version 

"simplebar": "^5.3.8",
"simplebar-react": "^2.4.1",

   - check live demo with min height -, set minheight with simplebar component.

If still you have any query, contact us!!
Thank YOu

Jigar Patel
8 months ago

Hello Amit,

I could able to solve that problem, we could move to next steps for integration with Laravel,

new issue which we are facing that simplesidebar scroll is not visible,

If we remove simpebar component, then we can see default scroll bar,

What can cause this? any styling?

Amit Gorasiya
8 months ago

Hello, Jigar Patel

         Please check your routing file and menu-item file path for your pages are match or not.

         Follow react routing v6 -

If still you have any query, contact us!!

Thank You

Jigar Patel
8 months ago


We have integrated this free theme to Laravel+intertia js. So far all successful,

But navigation items are always points to /dashboard for all links,

Can you help us from where this ...props are taken,

File located in MainLayout\Drawer\DrawerContent\Navitation\NavItem.jsx

    let listItemProps = { component: forwardRef((props, ref) => <Link href={ref} {...props} to={item.url} target={itemTarget} />) };

    if (item?.external) {

        listItemProps = { component: 'a', href: item.url, target: itemTarget };


We can change nav item title but link to that navitem always go to /dashboard.

Any help is appreciated,

Additional Info

Name of Product/template: Mantis