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G General May 31, 2023
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dorin calugareanu
10 months ago

hi. where i can download an update for new version of mantis? 

Gergely Tamas
1 year ago


This is our hotfix for the theme.

//DEPRECATED IN BOOTSTRAP5.2!-------------------------------------------------------------
// Prefix for :root CSS variables
$variable-prefix: bs- !default; // Deprecated in v5.2.0 for the shorter `$prefix`
$prefix: $variable-prefix !default;
// Colors
@function to-rgb($value) {
  @return red($value), green($value), blue($value);
// stylelint-disable scss/dollar-variable-pattern
@function rgba-css-var($identifier, $target) {
  @if $identifier == "body" and $target == "bg" {
    @return rgba(var(--#{$prefix}#{$identifier}-bg-rgb), var(--#{$prefix}#{$target}-opacity));
  } @if $identifier == "body" and $target == "text" {
  @return rgba(var(--#{$prefix}#{$identifier}-color-rgb), var(--#{$prefix}#{$target}-opacity));
} @else {
  @return rgba(var(--#{$prefix}#{$identifier}-rgb), var(--#{$prefix}#{$target}-opacity));
@function map-loop($map, $func, $args...) {
  $_map: ();
  @each $key, $value in $map {
    // allow to pass the $key and $value of the map as an function argument
    $_args: ();
    @each $arg in $args {
      $_args: append($_args, if($arg == "$key", $key, if($arg == "$value", $value, $arg)));
    $_map: map-merge($_map, ($key: call(get-function($func), $_args...)));
  @return $_map;

Coded Themes Support Agent
1 year ago

Hello, Gergely

Currently, DashboardKit has BS v.5.13.

Also, can you share the imports list which is deprecated in BS 5.2?

Thank You



Gergely Tamas
1 year ago

We have the BS5 version of this :) But its using some imports what was deprecated in Bootstrap 5.2.

So ok BS5 version but what version is available?

Coded Themes Support Agent
1 year ago


Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, we have the BS5 version. You can buy from here:

Hope that answers your query. Feel feel to reach out again if any further questions.



Gergely Tamas
1 year ago

Hi there!

We have bought your admin template some year ago.
Now the main bootstrap framework changed.

Is there any new version, what we can download, or we have to repurchase your product again?


Additional Info

Order#: it was a long time ago... :)

Purchase From?: On your site it think

Name of Product/template: Dashboardkit Bootstrap5